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Mylene A. Cahambing, also known as Auntie r.a.d. Leng Leng or Enunja ti tatinmiji hataji, is the Research & Evaluation Program Coordinator at NAPIESV. Rad has been a longtime supporter of NAPIESV with previous work on NAPIESV’s collaborative writings: Healing BSDBJ Peace Bangka Peace Canoe 2014  and NAPIESV’s 2021-22 Wellness Healing Guide. Twin-Born in Quezon City to Bisayan parents, she immigrated to the SF Bay Area when she was 10 years old. She is a Public Health Nurse / Integrative Disability Wellness Advocate to erase stigma related to invisible conditions via Rekonstraksyon, a social media post-TBI traumatic growth resource space. Rad is a Vision Holder, Co-Founder and blogger of Balik sa Dagat Bangka Journey, sharing inter-tribal canoe-building dream stories that became a World Bangka to celebrate halo-halo indigenous resistance. JOY = researcHER, healing arts i.e. dream power paddle-craft making and restorative rest.