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Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Welcome to “Leave Your Shoes at The Door,” the podcast that pays homage to the rich traditions of Asian and Pacific Island countries where removing shoes before entering a house is a common practice. This podcast delves into the captivating realms of storytelling, culture, and the profound process of healing within the API (Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

Past podcasts:

Part 2: Role of U.S. Colonization and Militarization in the Sex Trade in the Philippines
Kumusta, Kumare! Episode 7: History of Sex Trade: US Colonialism and the Sex Trade in the Philippines
Kumusta, Kumare! Episode 6 : In Conversation, In Sisterhood with Moro People’s Core
Bersama-sama Project: Ending Rape Culture in the Philippines Segment 2
Kumusta, Kumare! Episode 4: Ending Rape Culture in the Philippines (Part 1)

In this episode, we will discuss sexual violence, but specifically the rape culture in the Philippines.

This is the first of the two-part episode that we’re having for this topic: what it is exactly, why it exists and persists, and how do we end it as women and as a society that wants to realize genuine equality and development as a nation.

Kumusta, Kumare! Episode 3: Women Workers in the Philippines: A step in creating workers solidarity and global communities of struggle

In this episode, we will discuss the plight of women workers in the Philippines. We’ll be hearing from Liza, a contractual worker at a factory producing luxury bags for big brands like Michael Kors, Coach, Louis Vuitton , and Tin and Din, tenacious women labor leaders from the province of Laguna.

Kumusta, Kumare! Podcast Episode 2: Community Kitchen + Women’s Work: Continuing Struggle and Victories

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the nuts and bolts of organizing women-led Community Kitchens while in lockdown, Bayanihan style.

Kumusta, Kumare! Podcast Episode 1: Covid-19 Lockdown: Impact on Women and Girls

Check out Bersama-Sama Project Philippines’ Team podcast – Kumusta, Kumare!

Kumusta, Kumare!  is the podcast program of the National Asians & Pacific Islanders Ending Sexual Violence (NAPIESV) Bersama-Sama Project in the Philippines. Kumusta, Kumare! will focus on issues affecting women & girls in the Philippines and connect this to Filipino Diaspora in the United States.

Episode 01

In this pilot episode of Kamusta Kumare, Mira introduces NAPIESV, the work that they do with the API communities in the continental US and the Asia Pacific region. Rochelle Aguilar and Emma, members of NAPIESV Philippines staff, share their thoughts and experiences on the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on women in the country.

Kumusta is, of course, “How are you?” while Kumare (pronounced koo-mah-re) is a borrowed term from the Spanish comadre literally translated as co-mother. Technically, Filipinos use kumare or it’s shortened form mare in addressing their children’s godmothers but more commonly as a term of endearment, more like how one would use the term “sister/sistah”.

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