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NAPIESV offers extensive nationwide training programs aimed at enhancing the capabilities of culturally specific organizations, dual sexual and domestic violence programs, state domestic violence coalitions, national organizations, FVPSA grantees, state administrators, Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and various levels of government agencies.

Our goal is to empower these entities to deliver domestic violence intervention and prevention services that cater to the distinctive needs of API victims/survivors of sexual violence.

Our training sessions are flexible, conducted either in-person or virtually. Check out our Resource Library to access NAPIESV curriculums and materials.

NAPIESV conducts a comprehensive 40-hour training program specifically designed to bolster the capacity of culturally specific organizations. This training program is:

  • Intentionally tailored for culturally specific organizations.
  • Aims to enhance participants’ capacity to secure federal grants.
  • Teaches participants crucial skills for efficient management of federal resources.
  • Includes a dedicated session on identifying intervention and prevention strategies rooted in a public health approach to address violence within communities.