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Training and Peer-to-Peer Consultations

NAPIESV provide training and technical assistance on culturally relevant services for API in mainland United States, U.S. Territories in the Pacific and Alaska to current and potential OVW grantees.

NAPIESV’s project will include providing 40-hour sexual assault training to staff and volunteers. The training will include Sexual Assault 101 (including Sexual Assault Dynamics and Trauma); What does Sexual Assault Look Like in API Communities?; Feminism and Social Roots of Violence Against Women; Intersectionalities of Oppression; Primary Prevention/Social Change; Sexual Assault Laws; Children and Violence; Child Sexual Abuse; Incest; Advocacy (includes Confidentiality, Safety Planning, Systems Advocacy, Community Response Model); Crisis Counseling; Crisis Intervention; Listening Skills; Medical Advocacy; LGBTQ Communities; Providing Services to Male Victims/Survivors; Community Outreach; Support Group Facilitation; Ethical Boundaries; Healing Sexuality; Healing and Wellness; Sex Offender Treatment; and Working with Significant Others and Intimate partners. If your organization is interested in receiving a 40-hour training, contact

In addition to the 40-hour sexual assault training, NAPIESV offers topic-specific training to staff and volunteers of different API organizations and their community allies and non-API specific victim services organizations. The topics include Sexual Violence and API Communities; Trauma-informed Services; Healing Sexuality; Community Accountability; Transformative Justice; Community Organizing; Healing and Wellness; Using Art and Storytelling for Healing; Working with Youths; Sexual Violence and Disability; Child Sexual; Working with Immigrant and Refugee Communities; Working on Campus with International Students from Asia; and Transnational Advocacy.   NAPIESV staff (Nina Jusuf and Mira Yusef) will facilitate the training based on their expertise.

Besides the training, NAPIESV also offers “one-on-one” or “peer-to-peer” consultations regarding sexual assault services to victims/survivors from the API communities.

Please contact for more information or to request training or peer-to-peer consultations to enhance your sexual assault services to victims/survivors who are from the Asian & Pacific Islander communities.