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Survivors are a voting bloc that elected officials should answer to. Join us in the work to reclaim the rights to our bodies, advocate for better schools, safer workplaces, and healthier communities. This past September, almost 2,000 registered voters shared their experience with sexual violence, as well as their attitudes towards policies that prevent sexual violence and reduce harm.

The survey found that most voters have either experienced sexual harassment or assault, or someone in their family has. In the AAPI community, 78% of respondents said that sexual harassment and assault is a problem in our society today. This number increased to 86% with respondents identifying as AAPI women.

Sexual violence remains a common problem that should be reflected in our policies and legislative systems. We as survivors and as voters are in charge of our lives and our political power, and we know the places where we can make the most political impact.

Read our Survivors’ Agenda below and vote on November 8th with survivors in mind.